Why not a 12-35 F1.8 - F2.8?

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Re: Why not a 12-35 F1.8 - F2.8?

superstar905 wrote:

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superstar905 wrote:

You are probably right. Can you explain in simple terms, or perhaps point me to a resource?

The fact that a 12-35/1.8-2.8 for MFT is equivalent to a 24-70/3.5-5.6 on FF with regard to total light on the sensor, DoF, and diffraction

In the XIXth Century, big Daguerreotypes needed long exposure time in order to collect enough light.

Even taking account the influence of the total amount of light on the picture noise, most of m4/3 users couldn't care less that the big FF sensors need more light than m4/3 sensor because they are bigger. That's their problem.

I see. The the larger apertures are necessary to ensure enough light hits the sensor to gain its maximum effectiveness. Seems to make sense.

What we care about is the amount of light per mm2 on our sensor: a 12-35mm F/1,8-2,8 m4/3 lens will take a picture exactly as bright as a 24-70mm F/1,8-2,8 FF lens (not F/3,3-5,6). The angle of view and the brightness of the picture will be the same.

This makes sense to me and is what I thought, hence why I was wondering why we don't have a 12-35 F1.8 - F2.8 M43 native zoom lens.

In other words, it will be the same photo except for the depth of field, bigger with a m4/3 lens. For FF users, that's an handicap: for me that's a huge advantage, especially in close-up photography.

Not sure I see the advantage here regarding DOF, but I assume that's personal and potentially my inexperience. Having a larger maximum aperture (rather than constant F2.8, start at F1.8) would give you the flexibility of raising it to have a larger DOF, otherwise you simply don't have the flexibility.

If we look at the evolution of m4/3 lens, it goes in two opposite directions: brighter and heavier pro lenses on one side (F/2,8 zooms and F/1,4 primes for examples), and smaller and sharper consumer lens on the other (Lumix 12-32mm zoom, for example).

So let's be back at the original question in this thread: Why not even brighter zooms as the next step in the evolution of our gear?

That is why I asked. Why not! I think its possible, but maybe not profitable?

JeanPierre doesn't have the story right. See this




and this


reply to his post.

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