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Re: A few Q's to all

Rossuziers wrote:

Can I make an image of the HDD on a fresh HDD so if the original HDD fries, I can just swap out the pristine Imaged drive for the fried one & start anew?

You /can/ do that, but what I would do is first hook it to the internet and do all the Microsoft updates. Then install all your "gotta have" software and your device drivers. Then clone the drive. Windows 7 currently takes about 1 Gb of patches and updates.

You could alternately image the drive, which would allow you to make images "out of the box", updated, and configured. All of those images would probably fit on any drive you could buy.

The only issue with this "system" is that supposedly drives can go bad sitting on the shelf. I've never experienced this myself, but I've read about it here, so who knows.

Oh, and my Dells have all come with factory restore discs. One for the OS, one for the drivers, and one or more for any software you bought.

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