A6000 or X-T1?

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Completely different tools

for completely different purposes. Sony is a master at "features" to be sure. The focus system for high speed tracking on the 6000 is likely to find few competitors. If one is purchasing a camera with good working knowledge of photography and is looking for the best IQ possible the Fuji is the better choice. Indeed Fuji's flash technology isn't up to the latest greatest either, but once again with photographic knowledge you certainly can get the job done. I prefer to look at it as perhaps a bit like comparing a sports oriented car to a more luxury (Porsche vs. Lexus). With one you'll corner faster and also feel every bump in the road, with the other you have the comfort and quality of build with a bit more room to maneuver inside.. Either way they get the job done. If Sony had a half dozen more lenses it might be a conversation to have. As it is they are woefully behind in lens designs for their new cameras. So in the end if it's ALL about fast moving subject tracking by all means go Sony. If it's ultimate IQ and learning the craft go Fuji.

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