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Re: Lightroom 5 question?

Jere Landis wrote:

thanks all,

I judge from the comments that it is a fine program, yet a work in progress for most users. Probably few are able to take advantage of the entirety of it. I also assume it is not for anyone who cannot devote extended amounts of time to absorb it. I doubt the average owner of the program utilizes more than a percentage of it's capabilities. It is a fine piece of advanced software.

Lightroom is an application on the same order of sophistication as Photoshop. No one figures out the entirety of what they need to know in Photoshop in less than a month or two of extensive use. Same is true for Lightroom. On the other hand, anyone should be able to learn the basics of either in an afternoon's study, and a day or two of practice and experience with some guidance (using the videos by Julianne Kost or others) using either is all that's usually sufficient for someone to be comfortable enough to move forward quickly from that point on.

I used to teach Lightroom and Photoshop classes. I found that most motivated students learned them at the same rate, and unmotivated students for one or the other didn't learn them at all. Such it is.

I've been using Lightroom since the first public beta, sometime early in 2006 if I recall correctly. It works much as my personal workflow with Photoshop worked, automates a number of things I used to do manually and obviates making the many copies I used to make of work in progress. Lightroom and Photoshop handle complementary parts of the image processing workflow. The ongoing development of Lightroom has now reached the point where it handle 99% of what I need ... and I generally don't need 100% of all that it offers for some users. Of course, I never needed more than about 10% of what Photoshop can do since I'm a photographer, not a graphic artist. Now I need less than 2% of Photoshop for the real edge cases.

Even a hammer takes time and practice to learn to use well, and you rarely get image processing tools that are simpler than a hammer.

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