Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

ultimitsu wrote:

Adrian Van wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

This isnt a review. This post mentioned other cameras and features a hell lot mroe than D700 itself and what it actually has. It is a nostalgia piece where the author is telling himself how D700 isnt quite yet irrelevant, and a rant piece complaining the lack of a modern 3000 USD 8FPS FF body, and a wish piece about what the author want such a body to have.

DPR should really do a bit more minotoring this type of reviews.

Regardless of what you think the original post was (it was partly a review of D700 as you see in first post and my ratings), it was then put into a discussion talk forum for FX Nikon, which is actually an appropriate place for it be.

I have no beef with your post as a normal thread. But Review threads are suppose to be reviews. yours isnt. therefore it is inapproriate to make it a Review thread.

Over 100 replies, of which most support another camera model such as a pro body feature D710/750 to fit certain needs of event photographers.....

Healthy debate is a good thing to have in these discussion forums.

Again, I have no problem with this kind of discussion. It is like we were told to watch a movie but it turned out to be a news piece.

Not sure if I agree with it being inappropriate. I do not think so. I do see your view though, and everyone is entitled to theirs.

I figured that dpreview did a fine review on D700 awhile back ( I read it before buying one in 2009), as did others, so what is left is the user reviews from people who have used the camera for several years and their comments, to continue this type of camera.

In one sense, I did want to comment on the D700 being an excellent camera, and my clients today, still make comments on the fine colours of my images and prints, (I actually achieve from its extended dynamic range etc.), and fine image quality in printing that I can achieve with this camera in wedding photography, using the latest post edit software like LR or DXO, one can pull out a lot of details in the files for large prints.

However, as Nikon has stopped making the camera. I wanted to add my comments for the need for Nikon to provide a camera that is a modest latest tech upgrade/suitable to this successful D700 without buying a D4. In my opinion, the D800 is too much for my own usual needs in workflow with its file sizes and D610 not pro enough in handling. However, with any luck, the D800s with some new specifications (yet to be revealed) might be good with its potential sRaw capability. Others for their needs find the D800 or D610 perfectly fine and it works for them.

My D700 works perfectly fine right now and does the job well and I will be using it for some time to come. Just hoping when the time comes to add another camera, the right one would be available. Hence my comments and suggestions, as a user and event photographer.

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