What else is happening before the first curtain on E-M1?

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Re: Shutter video

Anders W wrote:

This is my interpretation. If anyone else thinks differently, please feel free to offer an alternative view.

0. Shutter "cocked" (prepared for action)

1. First mechanical curtain closing (for sensor reset without EFCS) and opening (for exposure without EFCS)

2. Second curtain closing (to end exposure and read the sensor)

3. Second curtain opening (to resume live view)

IMHO, these two largest peaks are cocking of 1st and 2nd curtains. In normal mode that happens right before the exposure, in "release lag short" after the exposure and then camera keeps them ready to fire for the next shot. What's puzzling is the fact there's no obvious shortening of the shutter lag, just a few ms.

Also it seems that cocking the shutter for the "main" action (opening for 1st and closing for 2nd) is independent from 1st curtain closing before the exposure, I mean the mechanism that closes 1st curtain is different from one that opens it. It can be open but ready to be opened again (in "release time short" mode).

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