Aperature ring tight/loosness across XF range

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Re: Aperature ring tight/loosness across XF range

My 35mm *was* very loose, my 14mm is perfect (no wobble at all and good resistance), my 56mm is about in the middle - more resistance would be nice, but it's OK as is.

There is a way to tighten the aperture ring on XF lenses. It's not too involved, but you need a steady hand and some patience as well as a little experience with small electronics. There's a tiny set screw inside the lens that adjusts the aperture ring friction. This is probably the reason for the difference in lenses and copies - it's a manually adjustable item, so it varies depending on the person who built the lens.

Here's a DPR thread with a link to a video and discussion of how to tighten the aperture ring on a 35mm.


I was able to give my 35mm aperture ring a bit more resistance using this method. Took about 15 minutes.

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