A6000 or X-T1?

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Upgrade path to full frame.

Don't underestimate it. If you have the cash, you can buy some of the FF Zeiss lenses. The Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.8 is one of the sharpest lenses ever made, and it will cover the full 35mm frame when you decide to upgrade.

Like fast autofocus and tracking? From what I can see, the A6000 will run rings around the Fuji. There are some amazing A6000 videos on youtube of subject tracking all throughout the frame. The X-T1 has tracking, and it's supposed to be half decent, but it will pale in comparison to the Sony. Sony tracks throughout the entire frame, not just the center. I've seen some people on this forum post examples of continuous focus. The vast majority are flawed tests, i.e., using apertures with huge depth-of-field, subject far away, etc.

Like flash? The Sony system is superior. No high speed flash with the Sony, which is great for outdoor fill using wide apertures. You can do it on the Fuji. Just screw on (and off) ND filters.

Jkim7 wrote:

I will probably ask the question that has been asked many times before, but I would really appreciate the advice, before committing myself

Two new cameras, both similar in concept, sensor size, dimensions and popularity. Yet X-T1 with kit lens is double the price of A6000 with it's kit lens. Can it be twice as good?

I heard lots of good about Fuji lenses, especially about 18-55mm kit. Yet, A6000 with 16-70mm Zeiss lens is exactly the same price as X-T1 with kit lens. If one is prepared to spend this much money, would Sony-Zeiss combination be better, compared to Fuji kit?

My requirements are reasonably straightforward (I think). I want something compact and portable (so no FF or DSLR). IQ is important, so no m43 or smaller sensors. Fast AF is nice, but not critical. I do tend to like manual controls, so I would probably hate Sony's "Power zoom" kit lens. I must admit, Fuji's dials look attractive, although I didn't have a chance to actually try to use one

Sturdy build and quality 'feel' is also quite important

I do not have any lenses I can reuse, so this is not a factor

Thank you

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