Purchase a warranty?

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What do you think?

hotdog321 wrote:

I agree with the others. Extended warranties are generally a waste of money. Think about it--do you think a store would offer an extended warranty if they LOST money on the deal?

Very true

Solution? Buy quality and have insurance. I'm a pro and use a simple rider on my State Farm Insurance policy for my camera gear. I only insure my high-dollar items (300 f/2.8 and other expensive lenses, camera bodies) and pay about $75 per quarter.

While I think this is wise for you do you thing this is good for a beginner or amateur? That is 300 dollars a year. Most of them might have a crop camera and a couple lenses. 2 or 3 thousand for the lens and 1 thousand for the body? I have never had insurance on my stuff since 10 years ago when I bout the D70. That would be 3 thousand dollars. I have never lost anything.

I am not your average non pro, I have a 400 2.8 is so if someone stole that the insurance would have paid out more than I paid it, but I would guess my insurance premium would go up.

I have always second guessed what I should do with insurance, I have no comprehensive on any of my cars or motorcycles, I pay 60 dollars a month for 4 vehicles. I have never made a claim.

I understand why you have insurance for your camera and lenses, you are out in the field a lot more than the average or enthusiast shooter, your gear is more expensive and you are under pressure to perform and you may need a lens that was stolen for your next shoot and insurance will help you get it faster if it was stolen, you also get a tax write off for insurance, but for the average Joe with a lot less gear and no real need other than to participate in a hobby do you still think it is worth it?

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