I just picked up my Sony A6000 - In stock everywhere?

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Question about video stabilization

Please let me know if I can do anything to help you out in your decision when considering purchasing this camera.

YES ! Please ! I would really really really like to know a couple of things that noone ever talks about. Not in forums, not in reviews. Often when I post questions in forums about it, I get literally nothing back at all.

Question 1: video stabilization. Is there digital video stabilization that is either always on when choosing steadyshot, or is there a separate way of turning on video steadyshot. I know that on some E-mount cameras, like my A3000, it is up to the lens' OSS to provide stabilization. At least on the 18-55 kit lens, that stabilization is only good for photos, and for video it does not accomplish a good job of stabilizing *at-all*. End results of hand-held video are hopelessly jumpy. My A33 relied on mechanical stabilization as well. Also a futile attempt. Then my A57 did that digitally. It has to crop the video a bit. What it does is it uses the edges that are created by cropping a bit, to be able to scroll around the frames, lining them up, creating a "deshaked" video. But it works like a charm. Buttery smooth hand-held video is the result. So I would like to know if when you start a video, that you see a zoom-in, a crop, indicating that it enabled digital stabilization, which is what I want (what we all *should* want!). On my A3000, I don't see that crop. When I start a video, only a small strips off the top and bottom goes away (shows black), but that's just because of the aspect ratio of HD video being that way. I'm talking about a more severe crop. As if the lens suddenly zooms in from like 18mm to like 20 or 22mm or so. And if you're not seeing that, look around the menus to see if there are any options in any of the video settings that would cause that effect.

It is possible that some lenses will provide much better OSS for video that others. The 18-55 *sucks* at it! It's almost pointless for video. The 18-105 is probably much better because it seems more like a video lens, because it's marketed for use on those big pro video cameras they sell, and it has power zoom. So, chances are that the mechanics are such that it can move the image around a *lot* more. But that's a costly lens! It's like $600+! Why can I not have decent practical family use and have video come out at least a bit stable, like I get from my A57...

Hopefully, my question won't be misunderstood and that we won't have to listen to endless lectures about OSS and IBIS and all that. I know about all of that....

ps. a possible solution I'm considering is... going to sound odd... I'm a programmer, and I'm considering making a media playback and imaging organizing app for Android, and I'm looking at the video play back APIs, and it *looks* like it might be possible to display each frame at a different position, if the frames can be run through open-gl related apis fast enough... so I have to write software to deshake video that Sony couldn't be bothered to digitally stabilize for us...

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