A6000 or X-T1?

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Re: A6000 or X-T1?

Jkim7 wrote:

Two new cameras, both similar in concept, sensor size, dimensions and popularity. Yet X-T1 with kit lens is double the price of A6000 with it's kit lens. Can it be twice as good?

Very seldom is "twice the price should be twice as good".  A better question is "item x is as good as item y at twice the price?" and how well will the camera body hold up in three years?  If you really invest a lot of money, you might want to consider how good the perspective brand's customer service support are.

I heard lots of good about Fuji lenses, especially about 18-55mm kit. Yet, A6000 with 16-70mm Zeiss lens is exactly the same price as X-T1 with kit lens. If one is prepared to spend this much money, would Sony-Zeiss combination be better, compared to Fuji kit?

You are buying into an interchangeable lens system.  You should evaluate all the lens you are probably going to buy.  If you got an annual camera budget, consider what lens you'd by right now vs. what you might buy in a year or two.  Some people also consider what they can borrow from friends or can rent.

My requirements are reasonably straightforward (I think). I want something compact and portable (so no FF or DSLR). IQ is important, so no m43 or smaller sensors. Fast AF is nice, but not critical. I do tend to like manual controls, so I would probably hate Sony's "Power zoom" kit lens. I must admit, Fuji's dials look attractive, although I didn't have a chance to actually try to use one

Ergonomics might be a big deal for you then.  You'll need to read over the camera manuals and try both cameras for yourself.  When it comes to lens, it is not just power zoom vs. manual zoom; it is also how manual focus works and possibly how you set aperture.  Some people hate having to dive into menus to set things.

Sturdy build and quality 'feel' is also quite important

These days, it is more about perception that reality when it comes to "sturdy build" or "quality feel".  But, perception is a big part of enjoyment, so again you have to try them both --- don't just believe what others have said about it.

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