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Re: What century do you live in?

the implication with 'i guess your wife has veto power' is I have no balls or something. Whether that was the intent or not I don't read minds, but it was how I read their post.

50 years ago when 'the man' ran the family they could and did issue edicts like 'we're moving' without concern about the effects on others or their feelings on the matter.

My wife and I have discussed moving, several times. She's not moving till the kids are out of HS. Period. She says i'm able to move- just she and the kdis aren't coming along.

So no, moving isn't an option.

It's just another example of people posting with the assumption I'm a retard or something. Of COURSE I considered moving. And considered adding video. and many other expansions.

And people ASSUME my business is failing without the information to know that.

Sales are not what I want them to be. I bet EVERYONE here can say that too.
Marketing is frustrating to do and the results are unpredictiable and its getting more so. More marketing for less results. I bet we can all say this too. EVERY industry can say that.

There is a difference between 'negative', 'reality' and 'hype'.

"you can make a fortune adding videography" is true. In my opinion there is a lot of hype in that statement. Kirk says it's true.

My experience says it's not...so opinion vs opinion.

I say do your research, check you market before making the investment. Reality plain and simple. Solid business advice.

Kirk implies we all have the skills and knowledge to pro or better videography. Hype, obviously. Rainbows and Unicorns.

"Yes YOU TOO can be RICH!" it's easy! Just go get a $25,000 video job. 3 days work! No experience necessary!

Is it? what does your experience tell you?

Don't seek advice from someone who is not where you want to be - CJ Lewis
My opinions are my own and not those of DPR or its administration. They carry no 'special' value

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