sold my ff gear..what next ?

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Re: sold my ff gear..what next ?

I did the same a while back. Sold my D4 and all lenses, flash, etc.

I went with a Sony RX1 and ordered a Leica M 240 and several lenses. My goal was a smaller high quality kit.

I cancelled the Leica kit order after waiting and experimenting with an M9 and realizing an all MF kit wasn't for me. The rangefinder is too limiting for my use and the EVF terrible compared to Olympus, Fuji, and Sony options. I would like to see a high quality and innovative RF/EVF hybrid from Leica.

The RX1 is a great size, has great build quality, and offers world class image quality. The EVF implementation is not ideal (press fit attachment, weak articulating joint, increases camera size quite a bit). The AF performance and overall operational speed isn't good enough for me after using a D4 for so long. The MF options with peaking and zoom are cumbersome for me and I would prefer a higher resolution EVF combined with a rangefinder. I still have and use this camera.

After experimenting with smaller kits and looking at Fuji (XPro-1, XT-1), Olympus (EM1), Leica (M240), and Sony (RX1, A7R), I ended up with a D4s, 14-24/2.8, 58/1.4, and 105 Micro. The compromises with the smaller kits were just too much for me. I will continue to evaluate my options going forward. I suggest you look at each of those options , try them out, and decide if a setup offers what you're looking for.

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