1DX af cases 3-4-5 w/2.8 300mm IS USM II - Setting 3 w/IS

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Re: 1DX af cases 3-4-5 w/2.8 300mm IS USM II - Setting 3 w/IS

rebel99 wrote:

tvstaff wrote:

I'm using a 1DX and using AF cases 3-4&5 with a 300mm f/2.8 IS USM II on setting 3 with IS on and I'm having a hell of a hard time noting any differences in results with cases 3-4or5.

I'm switching between Zone and Spot using Center as well as Evaluative metering shooting at 12fps.

Are the differences supposed to be so subtle? I'm trying to optimize for kitesurfing shots http://tony6454.wix.com/aruba-kitesurfing#!kiteboarding/ckra like these before I get to an event and I just can't seem to see a real difference.

Am I expecting too much thinking that cases 3-4&5 are so vastly different?

Thank you!


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same thing here TV. i usually use center point focusing as default but like you, i really don't see much of a difference. i do small bird shooting on the branches of trees which makes the focusing in 1Dx and 1D4 very difficult and equally confusing. keepers percentage take a big hit. i am using my 300mm f2.8II with 2.0xIII tc almost all the time, focusing gets very frustrating for me some times, no matter what setting i use.

rebel, thanks for writing, glad it's not just me. I tried my TC 1.4III with the 2.8 300mm IS USM II and it slowed down focus considerably trying to follow the kitesurfers from launching on the water into the air and back down to the water. I had to take the TC off.


p.s. you have some real nice shots on your website, by the way your shots seem a bit tight, though, is that because of cropping or short distance from your subjects? thanks.

"That cropping" for a lot of the surfers, kitesurfing equipment, beach tennis and fashion models is by request. For myself on the fashion model portraits I studied Annie Leibovitz http://followpics.co/annie-leibovitz/ and http://www.andrewsmithgallery.com/images/leibovitz_am/fullsize/al_1464.jpg and Kristina Taraina http://i.imgur.com/Q4mR2.jpg and others too and like the style at times. It's not traditional... and.. at times it shakes "the norm" and brings out other parts of the body. Lips, eyes even breasts when done rights. And needless to say the athletes want to see their faces and the sports equipment manufacturers and sponsors  want you to see their logos and names especially when they are held near or by a provocative subject.

As for the 1DX AF Cases 3-4-5, short of getting Chuck Westfall to hit the beach with me... I'm really stumped as to how to tweak and optimize these for my particular sport .  The demands of focus, back lighting, extreme changes in movement and direction are challenging.  Makes me respect BIF people a lot.  I need to perfect this before June.

Best regards,


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