sold my ff gear..what next ?

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Re: sold my ff gear..what next ?

Tommot1965 wrote:

The reason I ask here is because you blokes know what I've given if you was in my boat what would you buy ?

I wouldn't give up my FF gear, so really have no idea? Maybe a Canon G1X MkII?  You didn't say if you wanted interchangeable lenses - so not sure what you really want?  But there is no "free lunch" so IQ will be a step down as you move away from FF, esp in low light.

jjnik wrote:

Tommot1965 wrote:

well I did it..Ive sold off all my ff gear..all my F2.8 glass and flashes.

Im now camera vacant..ive not as much time to do "photography" as I once did..i've house renos and a new one to build on a vacant block next I also bought a bowrider to have some summer fun in.

I would still like a good camera...but must be light and easy to walk about with but also have good image quality ..I've looked at the EM1 and XT1

if you were in my position..what camera would you buy..out of the many out there...not just the EM1 or Xt1

I'd stop posting in the Nikon FF forum and ask this question in the forum for the cameras you seem to be interested in...

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