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Reason to buy a Canikon DSLR

lysiajoy wrote:


I'm about to buy a new camera from Amazon and since it's a chunky investment I want to make sure I'm covered. The manufacturer's warranty is pretty skimpy (1 year for defects) and Amazon's is kind of pricey. I know Square Trade is supposed to be a good company. Any input on what to look for in terms of best coverage for the least amount of money? Like, incidents to make sure are covered? I'm very careful with cameras and don't do super crazy stuff but I do use it outdoors and around kiddos.


Consumer reports and others have said these warranties are a waste of money, and that is absolutely true unless you have a problem that requires you to use the additional warranty.

All the cameras I have owned Canon/Nikon far exceeded the manufacturer warranty period and the extended warranty period. Same with same with other electronics. The only problems that many people have been with things that neither warranty would cover anyway (abuse) . But I have only owned DSLRs, and they are very durable, but don't take my word for it.. I have not seen any test like the ones below done by an Oly mirrorless or any of the other expensive mirrorless cameras, Though it is possible they would hold up as well. Personally, I think the Canon is more durable than Nikon from the problems I have seen documented on the web and some of the quality control issues Nikon has had but I wouldn't hesitate to buy either.




I wouldn't buy a warranty from Square trade, too many complaints over 200. If you read through, many say after the initial response..

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
thank you for the follow-up. I am disappointed I had to file a complaint to get resolution, but thank you. -

Seems you have to complain to the BBB a lot to get a resolution, many do, and some don't. But I never had to complain because my DSLRs have not broken, My D70 is still working since 2005, almost 10 years ago. Good luck to you.


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