Fuji IQ superiority - you the jury decide ;-)

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Fuji IQ superiority - you the jury decide ;-)

After the recent thread about the superiority ( or otherwise ) of Fuji pictures I thought I'd conduct a quick test of my own. It's a miserable grey day here so I had not much else to do

One of the main protagonists in that thread showed major differences when photographing a camellia bush so to level the playing field I used a camellia as the object of my test shots. I was also interested to see about whether I saw any of the "red bleed" I'd heard about - possibly due to Fuji's X-Trans having fewer red pixies compared to other CFAs ?

To stack the odds in Fuji's favour I used a Contax/Zeiss 50 on my X-T1 stopped down to f11, compared with the kit lens on the other camera. I should also note that the other camera costs 1/3 the price of the X-T1 body only so the Fuji must be better - right ?

Both shot from a tripod and I've tried to keep the framing the same - though I dropped the Fuji and moved the tripod as I hastily moved to catch it so it might not be exact. Fuji can also hold their heads in shame that they can't put the tripod mount under the centre of the lens/sensor. Even my NEX 5n which is 1/2 the size manages that.

I haven't bothered to scrub out the EXIF so you don't need to try and guess the other camera

Fuji + expensive Zeiss lens ( not the 55mm suggested in the EXIF )

Other camera with kit lens

These can be viewed at full size should you wish to view the pixies individually.

I note the Fuji seems to struggle with reds/pinks bleeding into each other in this scene. Not sure if this is an issue with Fuji files generally or just Aperture related.

The Sigma has got the flower colour nearly spot on, but the leaves are a bit cool. The Fuji is just too vivid - I know this can be toned down but I'm just looking at the defaults here.

To my mind the Sigma wins on detail and sharpness, but don't let my opinion sway yours, let me know what you think ...


PS Don't take this too seriously

Fujifilm X-T1
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