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Re: Nothing terribly ambitious. Again.

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

I was rather impatient with the first tracks/river shot (developing could be better).

I think this is better developed/presented, but it's a different composition, Better, for not having those branches on the right where the river flows past that little island (a little distracting to look through them to see that feature), but the composition also loses the tracks/river relationship the first one conveys, and is just a bit tight. But this was the first of a few exposures, and the stop sign was the hook.

The stop sign I suspect is new. Never noticed it before, but back around Hurricane Sandy (maybe not from Sandy itself) the tracks were washed out around the bend. There's been activity on it for the repair. Not sure if the tour that rides this track, which I thought I saw were finally active again this past fall, goes past this point over the repair area just yet.

Actually I prefer the FIRST version. To ME (when viewed full size):

It integrates the highway, the railway, the lines of the used timbers, the line of the hills, the "two" rivers, the negligee of the right hand screening, the two big evergreens in the mid-distance, all to get my eyes looking upstream, to the point of enjoying the layering of the hills because of the cloud banks.

The second doesn't engage me nearly as much even though the Stop Sign is a grabber, AND unfortunately an ANCHOR to the movement of MY eyes. It really is a STOP SIGN, discouraging a further exploration of the scene.

In the earlier version that stop sign is subtle, an opportunity for each viewer to experience a little Aha! In my case I didn't see it until I made a second foray into the scene, following those nicely shined tracks.

I realize that I am a mere egg when it comes to art, so this is a reaction from the great unwashed.

No, no, don't think that, not at all.    I favored the 2nd scene due to one particular element in the first scene, but the wider view, including the clouds, has all that you said it has.

I learn a lot by really looking hard at good art, by trying to identify why I like it. And, when given a comparison, trying to determine why my gut prefers one over the other. So the above musings will probably be more to my benefit then yours!!

Well, THERE you'd be wrong.  

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