Was I snookered? Purchased a very used D700.

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Al Giordano
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Re: Pro and Journalist selling equipment- run fast...

wasserball wrote:

Whenever a seller claims to be a "pro" or "journalist" or sports photographer, who claims to have taken care of his equipment, I run away, as fast as I can. I don't care if they "take care of their equipment", their equipment are probably used more and taken more abused than a casual photographer's equipment. I'm a sports photographer. Do you want to buy my 400mm lens in mint condiditon? Just because it's clean looking does not mean the focusing motor has gone through a lot of miles. And, every mechanical device has a certain useful life. Certainly much more used than a 400mm lens from a casual BIF photographer.

I agree with you.  Please don't mus-understand, I was not naive nor did the seller diminish the condition of the camera.  He merely stated the shutter was replaced and I'm wondering how I can/could prove it other then getting a receipt from NPS; which I don't think the seller has.

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