Nikon 35/1.8G FX vs Sigma 35/1.4 Art - Moderate Distance (samples)

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Re: Nikon 35/1.8G FX vs Sigma 35/1.4 Art - Moderate Distance (samples)

Congratulations Mike, IMHO, Point 6 is very well made!

Nowadays, too many solely base their lens purchase decisions based on "flat earth", two dimensional "sharpness" tests taken at around 30X or 40X the focal length of the lens under ideal test conditions on some sort of optical bench or tripod. Worse, they then justify and argue the virtue of their decisions based on this "single dimensional" not real world relevant (for the most part) data!

The earth and most of its inhabitants are not flat, most photos are not taken at 30X / 40X the lens focal length and at 150 lux, or whatever and focused dead square on a flat chart!

Sites like DxOMark provide an invaluable service to the public and I find their tests a useful input, but IMO they go too far when they proclaim one lens is "better" or "sharper" based on their narrow and unrepresentative criteria. Perhaps they should be called the "Flat Earth Test" awards...

Maybe we need to pressure "lens manufacturers and lens testers" into broadening their horizons! I understand the time and effort expended in testing, but why not work towards a true industry (ISO-like) standard testing specification? That way, consumers can truly compare "apples with apples" and this will compel manufacturers to lift their game. If Zeiss can provide MTF data at multiple points, why can't Canon and Nikon?And, why do all these manufacturers produce MTF charts differently?

Why can't we have valid comparisons at, say for arguments sake, 3 metres, 10 metres and 100 metres? Why can't we have a "standardised" bokeh test criteria so we can judge the bokeh that most appeals to us? Given the investment by camera lens manufacturers in R&D and marketing, why can't the industry agree, or be persuaded, to develop consistent testing standards across the criteria that is really valuable to photographers? In the long run, I believe that this will generate more satisfaction for customers while reducing costs for manufacturers. Who will be "game" to move first and dare to win?

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