Canon 5D3 vs Nikon 800E noise tests

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Re: Canon 5D3 vs Nikon 800E noise tests

kymarto wrote:

My impressions are these: as to the underexposure noise test, I was shocked. The Nikon at 100 is very clean, but the Canon is pretty miserable, especially in terms of shadow noise (both luma and chroma). The Nikon at 800 is almost comparable to the Canon at 100, actually noisier in the mids and highs, but cleaner in the shadows.

The high ISO test also surprised me (second image). I kept hearing that the Canon was clearly superior to the Nikon in terms of high ISO noise, but that is not my impression from my test. Perhaps Canon has better noise reduction algorithms in the processor for jpgs, but this was a head-to-head test with CR2 and NEF. To my eye the Nikon is actually slightly better than the Canon at both ISOs, especially in the shadows. Have a look and see what you think.

I assume you downsampled the D800e to the same size as the 5DIII's images and applied some sharpening - the noise shows the characteristic artifacts introduced by deconvolution and may actually make the images look noisier than they are, so perhaps it would be better to either not use any sharpening at all for such a test - or just only minimally sharpen both images to make them look approximately equally 'sharp'.

At the lower ISOs underexposure exposes the more limited DR of the 5DIII, amplifying its weakness there. Things would not look so bad around middle gray without underexposure, as shown in your higher ISO shots which confirm results from DxO's more controlled tests: the 'e' has (slightly) better 18%SNR throughout the range...

Perhaps the 5DIII's reputation in the shadows has more to do with its excellent focusing system than with sensor related IQ?


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