Canon 5D3 vs Nikon 800E noise tests

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Re: Canon 5D3 vs Nikon 800E noise tests

Jujst wondering, would be nice to see the original image also (at least to see size and crop area).

Also, confirming that you shot RAW?

That said,

- the Canon 12800 shots actually, despite on first glance looking to have less detail, actually are cleaner (marginally). Looking at the central window mesh, the Nikon image loses a portion of mesh to the right of the white oval in the window, whereas the mesh is barely visible in the Canon image, so noise is stronger in the Nikon image.

Also in the 12800 image, under the window chroma noise seems stronger in the  Nikon image, Canon image looks to have retained a general level of less chroma noise.

Query, both 12800 images look more saturated than the 6400 images, has this come straight from the RAW conversion?

I think both have done well, considering one is talking up to ISO 12800 and pulling up shadows 3 stops.

Not much between them.


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