D800 with classic lens

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Re: D800 with classic lens

hflavo wrote:

Here's a suggestion:

Sigma is just bringing out a 24-105mm f/4 for Nikon ... part of there new "A" series (their best). It is already out for Canon: on their 6D and 5Diii full frames, it is sharper wide to tele than most primes (DxO) starting right with f4. This will cover your basic wide, and as a walkaround as well. $900.

This is an excellent suggestion - and it has been available with a Nikon mount for the last couple of months. Like most Art lenses it is optimized for wider apertures, in this case f/5.6 vs the Nikon 24-120's f/8. This means that in the 24-40mm 'landscape' range the Sigma does better than the Nikon wide open but by f/8 the Nikon has caught up and is in fact slightly better. At apertures larger than f/11 they perform virtually identically. So to me the choice depends on what f/stops one uses most, price and whether one needs/wants better in-camera integration (automatic distortion/vignetting corrections for OOC images and better autofocus).


The sigma is also slightly heavier and larger (82mm ring, most of my filters are 77mm, like on the Nikon's).  And Capture NX2, my converter of choice, will not auto correct it.  But these things may not matter to others.

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