I've Drunk The Demise of XP KoolAid:

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Re: I've Drunk The Demise of XP KoolAid:

Rossuziers wrote:

All really good to know. Thanks...

With the exception of popping in & out of Administrator more than I currently do, I'm thinkin' Win7 will be easier for me & I'm not too worried about speed since I think there will already be an increase from what I'm accustomed to...

Coming from (probably a Pentium 4) running XP, you will love Windows 7 64 bits running on an i5 CPU with 8GB of RAM. Everything will run faster and install so much easier without any concerns for backward compatibility with WinXP. BTW, I forgot to mention in my previous post that I'm also running Win7 "64bits" in my tower PC and it's backwards compatible with all of my old software.

Saw in another post where you asked whether you should get a backup HDD and "clone" your Win7 system to it in case your system gets hosed. If you absolutely need to come back up asap like for a business, then yes it would be a good idea. But even then you would need to keep cloning your system to keep that backup current. And that will be only one backup per HDD.

If you're a home user, then it's totally unnecessary to keep "cloning" your system to a backup HDD in my opinion. Just do regular "full" compressed backups to a HDD. This way you can store multiple backups to one HDD. It doesn't take too long to restore a full backup to a new HDD and it will work exactly as it did when the backup was made.

If you want super fast boot up and loading of PSE7 and other programs, I recommend buying a 120 GB SSD (I bought a Samsung 120GB EVO SSD) and storing only the Win7 system and installed programs on it. Use the 1TB that comes with your i5 system to store data only. Then do two separate backups. One of the SSD and one of the data HDD. This way you can do frequent backups of your data only without the system and programs. Do backups of your SSD only when you install enough new software that it would be a pain to have to install them again, or when there have been enough Win7 updates to make it a pain to install them again. .... I name my backups as "140401 System Full.xxx" or "140401 Data Full.xxx" where xxx is the suffix used by your particular backup program.  140401 is the YearMonthDay.  Keep at least the last 2 system backups and the last 2 data backups at all times at the minimum.

If you want/need Dell's tech support during the warranty period, then don't do the SSD thing as Dell tech support may not help you. Dell's tech support will ask your permission to control your PC remotely and may need to get data from their recovery partition (which is normally the last partition on the HDD).


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