Another Antelope Canyon Question

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Re: Another Antelope Canyon Question

The organization called Overland Canyon Tours got some good reviews on another photo site, but I don't have any personal experience with them.  From what I know, the upper canyon is only 100 meters long and has up to 200 people per hour going in and out (at the end you have to turn around and go out the way you came in). So all the tour companies are basically there at the same time with truck loads of people.  Most or all of the tour companies will require that you take the extended photo tour in order to bring a tripod, which you will need if you want to shoot at low ISO.

Turned off by the potentially overwhelming crowds, I ended up at the lower canyon instead. It wasn't crowded and I had a nice time.  They didn't let me bring a tripod on the guided tour, but I managed some decent hand-held shots. If you have a big DSLR, heavy duty tripod, and get there early in the day they will allow you to do a self-guided photo tour for 2 hours. I would highly recommend doing this.

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