18-140mm vr issue - opinions please !

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Re: 18-140mm vr issue - opinions please !

akjos wrote:

Ive just got d7100 and 3 lenses after about 3 years off photography.
I used to have 18-105 vr cheapo lens before on my d300 and now i just got 18-140.
The 18 -140 i got is quite dissappoitingly bad at wider angle say 50 to 18 mm getting progressively worse as you go to 18mm. Even when stopping down to f8 its barely usable. At 100-140mm its pretty sharp even wide opened. But wide end for lack of better word sucks.

My 18-105 vr that i had in the past was much sharper and especially more consistent across the focal range.

Anyone else has same issue ? Is it normal for this lens or should i try to exchange it ?? Or just give up and return it and get something else?
Im hardly ever home with my job so i have maybe till tom to decide if i want to send it back to bh for replacement or return... or would sending it to nikon for calibration make.it quite better ?? Ive never been as disappointed with any nikon lens as this one.
Im kinda in a time crunch so any and all opinions are appreciated.

You have a bad copy.  I have the same setup d7100 with 18-140.  I went back and closely examined some shots. I looked at some various shots at 18mm f5.6, 27mm f8, 52mm f7.1,  116 f7.1 and 18mm f6.3. They all look sharp center and corners at 1:1, looking down into the noise.

Mine is sharp just as others have reported. The weakest aspect of this lens is distortion, which I take care of with DXO optics. Get that lens replaced and you should be a happy camper.

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f8 and be there

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