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Re: I've Drunk The Demise of XP KoolAid:

skyglider wrote:

Rossuziers wrote:

My main reason for posting this is to ask if the relatively long-in-the-tooth PSE7 will still work in Win7 on an i5? Or do I have to step up to the newer version of PSE that makes use of the quad-core & considerably more memory I'll soon have?

Most all of my current software is freeware that I assume I either won't miss should it not be compatible or has already been updated to be so.. I just am not lookin' forward to having to update PSE because I really only use it for transferring.. I've gotten used to it's default file-naming format which I suppose I could change in FastStone or Piasa if their default file-naming isn't the same but I'm not even up for that along with the OS change coming...

When I upgraded from WinXP to Win7, all of my old XP software worked fine in Win7. Then I upgraded my laptop from Vista to Win8 and installed the Classic Shell, all of the old software worked fine in Win8 also. This includes MS Office 2000, Photoshop 7 and the first version of Adobe Audition.

The things that probably won't work with Win7 and Win8 are hardware drivers that were not updated from XP to Win7/8. So old printers, scanners, etc will probably not work with Win7/8. Mine didn't so I bought a new printer and new scanner when I upgraded to Win7.

BTW, my Win7 tower is running an i5 CPU with 8GB of RAM.


The PC you ordered comes with Win7 but for other lurkers who might be deciding between getting a PC with Win7 or Win8, here's my take on that:

Because the "development" version of Win8 contained the Win7 desktop with the start icon and taskbar (which Microsoft foolishly removed for the release version of Win8), and since Win8 runs everything I have that works in Win7, I'm very much convinced that Win8 is actually Win7 with tighter code for more speed.

After using Win7 and Win8, I think Win8 (with the Classic Shell to make it work like Win7!!!) is better than Win7. It works just like Win7, only faster. All software (old and new) that works with Win7 works with Win8 for me and for two of my friends that I setup Win8 PCs for (All with the Classic Shell). I would NOT NOT NOT have installed Win8 in my laptop nor recommended new PCs with Win8 for my two friends if the Classic Shell (or similar 3rd party software) did not exist. My two friends and I REALLY don't like the Win8 "Metro" user interface.



All really good to know. Thanks...

With the exception of popping in & out of Administrator more than I currently do, I'm thinkin' Win7 will be easier for me & I'm not too worried about speed since I think there will already be an increase from what I'm accustomed to...

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