Where do you order from when you're dropping significant coin?

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Re: Where do you order from when you're dropping significant coin?

doug wever wrote:

Cost aside as I can see that for myself, who do you guys really trust when you're dropping one or two k?

Since I'm a hunter/gatherer I like finding things all over.

Living in NYC and 8.75% sales tax, I do what I can to avoid it! For small stuff I like to buy local, so Adorama and B&H. I can easily walk to them, too!

Cameras… GH2 from Samy's when no one in N. America had them. GX7 from Aden Camera in Canada when I wanted a black one. GX1 from B&H when they were really cheap.

Lenses… Amazon for a few. Samy's for a couple. eBay and B&H for a couple of cheapies. Adorama for an SLR Magic 12mm. KEH for used Nikon manual lenses. All my M4/3 Voigtländers from CameraQuest. A Voigtländer 35mm f1.4 from Photo Village in NYC… major impulse buy

Accessories… I go to B&H because they have almost everything imaginable on display and I can examine and try things out for size, like lens cases and such. Adorama and Amazon, too. Really Right Stuff for tripod ball heads. Even a few random things from places in Hong Kong, Germany and Japan.

Lens adaptors… Fotodiox and Rainbow Imaging.

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