ViewNX2 issue - any ideas to solve?

Started Apr 1, 2014 | Discussions thread
yihlee Contributing Member • Posts: 676
Yes and No.

Very clever the way you rate files. Thumb up.

2 to 4 seconds waiting is too long. Unless your got a very old computer, something is wrong with your system.

Now for the solution:

NO - It's a program bug, there is no way to work around it within the program itself. This applies to all versions from 2.8.x to 2.9.x.

YES - v.2.7.6 is the latest one that works to your purpose. File signature date is 2013 May 14. The risk is, naturally, any Nikon NEF enhancement made after that date will not be supported.

YES - Windows 7 supports virtual mode. In quick words, it's like running one OS within another. Set it up to run older version ViewNX2 in XP, which by itself is running under Windows 7. You can have both OS and both versions of ViewNX2 running at the same time. This feature is fully documented and supported by Microsoft, worth a shot.

One more thing. Both Label and Rating are IPTC file property. Nikon software supports both. From other apps, Rating usually receives better support than Label does.

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