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A few Q's to all

Scott Eaton wrote:

I have my PSE7 install disk just in case I need to pull up a legacy PSD file on a machine that's doesn't have Adobe and otherwise cant read the file.

PSE7 works fine om Win7, albeit with some annoying and minor profile glitches that don't want to save settings. For working with files it's fine. The lack of RAW support though will eventually drive you nuts. Photoshop elements is worth the investment, and/or the Corel Paintshop suite.

I don't do RAW & prolly never will... PhotoShop Elements 7 is what I have & the few times I ever did delve into RAW with it, whatever version of ACR I have opened up the file fine...

Security on Win7 is just like Windows XP in that stupid surfing habits will trump any AV scanner. Don't surf with admin rights and you don't have much to worry about. Most XP users have to run FireFox or Chrome anyways because XP can't be upgraded beyond IE 8.

I may be back to discuss that... I believe admin rights might be where I get fuzzy... Doesn't one need those to install anything? I think I may have to get used to poppin' in & out of administrator rights.. I hope I don't need to be administrator to simply download anything...

Norton Ghost 2003 is only useful if you want to do IP multicasts from a floppy. Win7 backup actually works, and there's freeware versions of programs like Macrium that are light years superior.

Pardon my ignorance but maybe this is a good time to ask.

Am I correct in assuming that once I get the new machines 1tb Hdd completely updated from MSUpdate initially out-of-the-box:

Can I make an image of the HDD on a fresh HDD so if the original HDD fries, I can just swap out the pristine Imaged drive for the fried one & start anew?

I always meant to try that with my current setup but never got around to it nor was I ever in a virtually pristine condition with the Vaio..

No doubt I'll prolly make recovery disks right-out-the-box too... Since I'm pretty sure Dell doesn't supply a win7 hard-copy in-the-box.

My current Sony box came with a single 500gig Hdd installed & 3 open Hdd bays replete with 3 SATA connectors & 3 power connectors. I then added another 500gig & a 1tb gig just for storage.. I plan on storing nothing on the OS/programs system drive & adding a strictly storage HDD to the single open bay the new box will have...

I'd like to instal the 1tb currently in the Sony to the new machine for storage & image the new machines Hdd to one of the remaining 500gig drives for system/OS & program backup & then use the remaining 500gig externally..

Although, come to think of it... I might just want to image the new machines pristine 1tb Hdd to one of my 500gig drives & throw that in as the initial new OS/Programs system drive & use my 2nd 500gig as the backup OS/Programs system drive & then use the two 1tb drives as storage both internally & as storage backup externally...

1tb seems a waste for the OS/Programs system drive when I'm pretty sure there will be nowhere near 500gigs worth of programs & system occupying that space

The biggest improvement is you got a new machine. As I've been telling the media idiots pushing people to 'upgrade' XP there is no "upgrade" for older hardware. An XP era PC or laptop is typically junk anyways and running on borrowed time. You can always load XP inside of Virtual Box for legacy programs.

Yes, agreed, like I said, both of my current DVD drive/writer have issues & my NIC is fried, plus the machine sometimes fires up & runs noisier than at other times when it fires up & runs silent. I believe it might just be a fan issue but don't know for sure & I can't seem to find my recovery disks although I know they're around somewhere... I'd hate to replace the DVD's & NIC & then the old MoBo or P/S or RAM succumb etc... The demise of XP is just the straw-that-broke-the-camels'-back..

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