Kirk L-bracket on D800

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Re: Kirk L-bracket on D800

Photofunster wrote:

The main difference between the D700 L-Bracket

D700 L Bracket

You would have to measure the bracket you already have, from the centre of the mounting screw to the inside edge where it curves up. Then one of us could compare that measurement to our D800, for you.


Thanks for going to the trouble about this.

From the center of mount screw to inside edge of the back of the bracket is 16/32". The thickness of that edge is 2/32".

From center of screw laterally to the outside edge of the shorter vertical part of the "L" is 2 3/4". That shorter vertical arm clears the camera body by a tad over 1/8".

All I need is for the D800 bracket to be same size or slightly smaller with regard that back edge.  If necessary I'll just go ahead and buy the bracket as I'll probably buy the D800 after giving it a try out.



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