What's going to replace the E-M1?

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Re: What's going to replace the E-M1?

Whatever it is, I hope it's not any larger than the EM1. My EM1 with the 12-40 2.8 lens is larger and weighs more than my SL1 with the 18-270 Tamron lens. Yes, The EM1 is a tank by comparison, and costs as much as one also, but there are limits. The SL1 is a fine imager and I've got no qualms with it.

If MFT is to survive, it must better the latest crop of competition such as Sony. Size being a criteria, a large number of less noisy higher resolution imagers are out there in nominally the same body size factor. So what makes Oly unique? 5-way IBS for one. Smaller/sharper lenses, especially without needing ILS. Weather resistance--but that's happening elsewhere. The EVF is being matched, so that's not it either. Certainly not price. No, they got some good stuff, but the competition is steep and those of us who dumped FF cameras for MFT are being greeted with a whole new offering possibly capable of luring us back. It's tough to resist.

What I'd like to see is a 21-30 MP sensor with the same noise abatement capabilities as the current EM1. Very tough to do that, but it has to happen. If you crop or do landscapes, you know what I'm talking about. They also need to jettison the feature creep of options. It takes about 2 months to set up the camera and learn the buttons and options--yeah, a bit of hyperbole I know, but you get my drift. I want to take pictures, not play with settings. Or feel some sort of stress not knowing if everything is set just right for me to do my best.

The DSLR market, along with the P&S market, are faltering badly. A lot of people were forced into the P&S market before cell phones became more capable--that changed and hit the market hard. Same with DSLR's; many of the new enthusiast P&S crop are so much better that the 'group in between' can do OK with them too, and dump their heavy DSLR's. Obviously the mirrorless market will win, and the DSLR will become a total niche market at best. It may not survive at all.

MFT lost its advantage, except in lens size and IBS. Others will get IBS, so that leaves lens size for me as the great advantage. If they can't do the magic of ramping  up the resolution and keeping noise at or below what is currently seen in the EM1, I may end up switching once again.

As I see it, Canon and Nikon are the only players that will not likely go away in the near future. That makes investing in other platforms scary. I'm beginning to worry about the Olympus system.

One thing that might surprise us all is if they jumped to an APS or FF sensor in an EM1 sized body--quite doable but maybe w/o IBS. But that is unlikely, and would spell the death knell for MFT.

Of course, there's always the new Kodak!

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