Knowing how 27mm image will look like from 38mm images | help please

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Re: Knowing how 27mm image will look like from 38mm images | help please

Rawad Hamwi wrote:

Hello everybody

I want to make a simulation to know what the image will look like if it was taken at various focal length

I have a point and shoot camera “Nikon Coolpix 5200” that has a crop factor of 4.75

I took 6 different shots for a scene from different angles to create a wide image, then I merge them in Photoshop to have a wide image.

The single image have dimensions of 2592x1944. It was shot at 38mm (35mm equivalent)

To make a template for 27mm, I multiplied each dimension with (38/27) and I got finally 3648x2736

The new template have an aspect ratio of 4/3...I want to create one with aspect ratio of 1.5 (like APS-C)

I did some calculations such that the resolution should be the same and I found the new dimensions (3870x2580) [3870x2580 = 3648x2736]

I put the original image over the merged one then I put my template over the merged image to see how 27mm will compare to 38mm

Is what I did correct?? Are my calculations correct??

I'd say this is about right.  I would have used the ratio of the angle of view, for which (38/27) is an approximation most valid for longer focal lengths. So instead of making the dimensions of the simulated image 38/27 = 1.41 times larger, I calculate a value closer to 1.34 times larger.

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