Was I snookered? Purchased a very used D700.

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Re: Was I snookered? Purchased a very used D700. fair comment

T O Shooter wrote:

en792 wrote:

I find it odd that many here are singing the praises of the D700 (well, that's not the odd part), yet I have my backup D700 body sitting on eBay right now in absolutely cherry condition with 3333 shutter actuations. Yet I'm sitting on a high bid right now of around $1200. If it stays at that, I'm not parting with it.

Well you're at $1280 with a full 3 days left on the auction and 34 people watching it, so it should be safe to assume that it's going to go higher than that. Which is more than a lot of people want to pay for a D600 ( or have to ) with same type of shutter count. Which says something about the D700. Don't know what you're expecting ( $1700?? ) but you're not far off what they sell for which is about $1400 or $1500. Anything over that is a bonus.

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Not a guarantee for en792, but I agree. I find that good buys on Ebay tend to stay middling bids until the last day, then it ramps up.

The smart buyers wait till the last to disclose their hand, to prevent the auction jumping too fast too early, but at the last few hours, even last hour, things can ramp up quickly when the ones who really want an item, put their bid in.

And the ones who REALLY want an item, are watching down to the last minute to drop in a bid...

I know, I have done it...

Also, if I see an item I want, I also look for 'Buy It Now' prices, to assess if they are fair, if they are fair, buy it now can actually make more sense, as some items shoot up even higher in /nid wars' than similar items from say, KEH.

Note too that there appear to be dealers on Ebay, who buy and sell items on Ebay for a profit. They can send up auction prices as well.

When I watch an item, I check competing bidders (only shows a code, but it is distinct). And some buyers are bidding on multiple flashes or similar lenses, at many auctions. Have to be dealers.

However, some buy it now prices are silly high.

Gotta do one's research.

Going by what I have seen, as TO Shooter says, that D700 8should* far more than USD 1,200.


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