What is YOUR market like?

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PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

yes, running an illegal business is ECONOMIC TERRORISM.

If you're gonna quote me please do so accurately.

I did, with 100% accuracy. You imply that I didn't quote you accurately but once again you've made a charge without substance since you didn't/couldn't/wouldn't show an inaccurate quote. The more you do it the more people will come to recognize these tactics of bluff and bluster.

Links were provided to each of the quotes in my reply and as is plain to see, the quotes provided much more than enough context to avoid any possibility of being open to the charge of being misleading. One quote included the phrase "wiki quotes this as 'economic terrorist'" which by itself invalidates your charge, but more often not you referred to newbies as "terrorists" without any qualifying adjectives such as "economic", so if you wrote what you were thinking, you failed to quote/write your own ideas accurately. To wit :

So yes, newbies that take on $50 shoots and don't have insurance, pay taxes, etc ARE hurting people - just like terrorists.

Here you did imply an economic pressure or penalty but that is NOT "just like terrorists", otherwise when you or any other photographer takes clients away from other photographers or companies put other companies out of business by having a better product, having better marketing/advertising campaigns, knowing what their customers really want and giving it to them for a reasonable price, then by your logic they would also be "ECONOMIC TERRORISTS", which is an absurd proposition, unless you're willing to describe our system of capitalism as terrorism. If you believe this then it's not surprising that you're so perpetually negative. Some other quotes where you didn't ascribe the "terrorism" to economics :


So are you folks rebels and revolutionaries bring the Great New Age? Or terrorists and guirillas tearing down (photographic) society with no clue as to what the future is, should be or could be?


They somehow view themselves I guess as revolutionaries and us established pros as 'the evil king'. But we see newbies a lot more like terrorists or guerilla fighters - attacking our industry and attempting to destroy it.


So in your mind the newbies that you so despise aren't really trying to get themselves started on a successful career (whether they eventually succeed or not), they're really trying to destroy the photographic industry from within. This sounds like you're attaching deeply held, almost conspiratorial political beliefs to whatever subject suits your fancy, in this case newbie photographers that seem to be responding to changes in the photographic industry and to the general economy faster than you are. I can see how that might be galling, but you'd be better off finding ways to deal with it than by railing and wailing and whining about it.

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