ViewNX2 issue - any ideas to solve?

Started Apr 1, 2014 | Discussions thread
David314 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,790
Uses labels?


Shooting D800e here, and Windows 7, 64-bit.   I've long used ViewNX2 to quickly review and rate images after I've initially downloaded them.  (I use DownloaderPro to download from camera, and I use CaptureNX2, usually, to post-process them).

i would clear the cache in the edit-option-general menu

what you are describing is not happening on my system windows 7 64 bit latest software

i prefer using the number labels as they can be placed using the keyboard

so in full screen mode with filter off - you don't use the mouse

apply number using keyboard  with one hand- use arrow key to select next image with the other hand - repeat until done

i usually just rate the good pictures with a 1 and then go back and use the filter to select them

to me, being a good typist, it is quicker than using the mose

i can also go back and forth quickly to compare a group of images

i know not all software support the number labels and not sure why view nx 2 doesn't have keyboard short cuts to the start ratings

but for view nx2 the number labes are the quickest way to sort because you can directly access from the keyboard

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