D800 NEF (RAW) Lossless Compressed or Uncompressed?

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Re: D800 NEF (RAW) Lossless Compressed or Uncompressed?

Yes, the issue you're examining is a non-issue.  Truly no data is lost, you should have absolutely no fear of IQ loss by choosing Lossless Compressed.

The real tradeoff is this: (1) uncompressed has faster processing time (no expeed compression, image viewer/editor uncompression) but (2) slower write/read times (because there's more data) and the obvious (3) larger storage requirements.

I've never seen a true, highly accurate measurement of actual shot-to-disk times to know whether there's any performance gain from (1) vs (2).  I would tend to think it would net out to be slightly slower to go the Uncompressed route, even with the fastest cards, but if that were the case I'm not sure why they would even bother to give us that option.  Anyone know of a recent study on this?

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