What is YOUR market like?

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FriscoRon wrote:

NancyP wrote:

I assume that you have looked into all photography teaching and tour-leading opportunities in your area.

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Oh, Nancy... Penguin is threatened by newbies, hates them. Can you imagine him teaching them? They would all need a therapist when he was done with them!

Yes they might, particularly any of the students after discovering that he frequently likened them to "terrorists". Right here. In this forum. Here are excepts from one reply that he titled "Newbies are like terrorists" :

They call themselves professionals and don't know jack about the profession.


These folks claim to love the profession, have a passion for photography - yet don't want to learn either, just make money. They don't care about the quality of their work, paying taxes, having insurance.


They somehow view themselves I guess as revolutionaries and us established pros as 'the evil king'. But we see newbies a lot more like terrorists or guerilla fighters - attacking our industry and attempting to destroy it.



I am entitled to my opinion, anon or not. Mod or not. I'm a person and have opinions.

Are the flood of newbies terrorists? Well...wiki quotes this as 'economic terrorist'

... (Wiki quote skipped)

The salient points - non-state actors (aka not countries, but people, companies), create massive destabilization for ideological reasons (they think they have a better way, think the estabilished photogs are old and greedy). They could have immediate effects or psycological ones which in turn have economic consequences.


Digital photography is the weapon shall we say, that empowered the masses to overthrow the established way of doing business that had been around for 100 years.



Go set off a bomb in a mall in prostest or cry fire in a theatre an dyou go to jail. Why? Because you did or can hurt someone, right?

You can set off a bomb or yell fire in the middle of field and nobody gets hurt and you don't go to jail.

OK...so all these illegal, part time, undercharging, low quality photographers are killng the industry and hurting those that do or try to make a living.

So yes, newbies that take on $50 shoots and don't have insurance, pay taxes, etc ARE hurting people - just like terrorists.




No business can compete with an charity - I can't sell what you give away free or below my cost. That's unfair competition - and illegal if say, chinese or russian steel mills 'dumped' steel in the US at a cost below production and those governments paid the companies back for the loss.

It's just easier to call the chinese or russians evil and unfair than the mom down the street, whose husband or day job does the same 'propping up' of her photo biz as the govts do to companies.



I am not whining. The market is changing - you even admit that. Or else why would the old traditonalists be 'in trouble'.

But see, you fail to recognize that these old trad have been around 30 years - markets have changed before, bad economic times, competition comes and goes - and they survived. Now, however, they are not able to survive.

And no newbie is coming along to take over. 10 are fighting over the market as it drops in value and size like a pack of scavengers. And they are mean - well, even here you see them eschew any interest in the professional organizations, networking, building relationships with the 'establishment'.

So are you folks rebels and revolutionaries bring the Great New Age? Or terrorists and guirillas tearing down (photographic) society with no clue as to what the future is, should be or could be? You care nothing for the industry, reputation, networking, vendors, etc. Just a 'me me me' attitude - as long as you are doing well the heck with everyone else.

Now is this a photo only attitude or a generational/societal change? I fear the latter as i see similar attitudes and behavior in other areas (employees, sports leagues parents, the way people drive, in churches)



Too much. Literally, figuratively and punnily.

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