Does Sony's "clear zoom" work with non-Sony lenses? Or with the LA-EA2 + A-mount?

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Re: Does Sony's "clear zoom" work with non-Sony lenses? Or with the LA-EA2 + A-mount?

captura wrote:

I'm relegated to working off a small laptop right now and I really can't see much difference. Except perhaps slightly more detail on the map in the photo #2. So which one is which?

OK, here's my additional comments:

  • If you look closely at the darker lines in the map, you can see white sharpening halos around them in the first pic that aren't as evident in the second.
  • If you look at the white lettering GUIDE on the green button, it has a greenish tinge in the first image, but is more accurately coloured and has a more 3D look in the second. I guess the interpolation caused the colour bleed in the first image.

So which is which?  Well, if you haven't guessed already, the one that we all preferred is the more detailed upsized RAW crop, the second image. The first CIZ image had less detail, more sharpening artefacts and worse colour and lighting. And just for comparison, I've also uploaded the same centre crop from the ooc JPEG without upsizing; here it is, along with the CIZ and processed RAW:

OOC JPEG centre crop, no resizing (410kb file size)

Cropped CIZ  (1089kb file size)

Cropped processed RAW (1290kb file size)

I must admit that, when viewed at equivalent sizes, I can't see any difference between the small ooc JPEG and the much larger CIZ images, but the upsized RAW beats them both, with more detail, fewer artefacts and better colour. There are slightly sharper jaggies visible in diagonal lines in the RAW, but they're only just visible at 100% viewing.

So I wonder what secret sauce Sony uses in its CIZ resampling algorithm that manages to be worse than the pedestrian bicubic?

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