D800 NEF (RAW) Lossless Compressed or Uncompressed?

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Re: D800 NEF (RAW) Lossless Compressed or Uncompressed?

It's been debated endlessly here. Those of us with backgrounds in digital coding and such know that lossless compression is quite feasible and, in fact, happens all the time in everyday computer usage.

Others argue that true lossless compression is not possible. Especially those who cut their teeth in the analog recording days seem to have a hard time believing it can be done.

It's certainly technically feasible. (E.g., have you ever used a zip file?) However, the question does remain, is Nikon's particular compression truly lossless bit-for-bit, or do they mean something like "visually" lossless which might involve some changes in the data from the original file. I don't think that's ever been settled here to everyone's satisfaction.

I believe when Nikon says lossless that they mean just what it sounds like.

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