Any pros or semi-pros out there using an OM-D E?

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Re: Any pros or semi-pros out there using an OM-D E?

I work with an EM-1 all the time now, after a year with the EM-5. My Nikon D3 and D800 are still there but for specific purposes, like fast action or when high resolution is needed. What I like with the Olympus, in no special order:

compactness. Not only the camera but all the lenses. In a small bag, I can carry all the primes I want and the 12-40 and a FL50-R.

IBIS. Incredibly usefull for me. I can do 200 iso handheld shots where I had to use a tripod before.

Tiltable LCD screen. Can take pictures at angles almost impossible to have when looking through the viewfinder.Sharpness. The lenses are incredibly sharp wide open. and contrasted.Autofocus. Extremely fast. All the time. And spot-on. All the time.

Of course there is some noise but nothing to complain about, specially if you nail the exposure. Very easy to reduce if necessary.

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