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Re: What century do you live in?

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

I guess you can come home and tell your wife, kids, and others in your family that "we're moving to S carolina. No you don't get a say in this. Packup, we're moving!'

Been divorced many times?

There must be a good reason why your reply was void of any quotes that would have provided context for what I wrote. Hmm, what could it have been. Let's see :

PPCo wrote:

No, not impossible, but I know what it takes when you're the new, unknown biz in town. It takes a while to build a clientele, wom only happens once you have customers to talk about you.

But you've considered all of this before, even getting to the point of suggesting it to your wife. She, however, apparently holds the family's veto power.

Moving isn't an option (talk to my wife...)

Neither I or anyone in the other "Moving isn't an option" thread ever suggested that that you should have issued an ultimatum, telling your wife and family "I've decided. We're moving." I only wrote that you suggested the option of moving, and from what you actually wrote, made it appear that it was your wife that held the high cards and made the decision for you. It may be that you both actually discussed the issue and agreed that moving wouldn't be the best choice, but that is not what you wrote. But thanks for the uncalled for gratuitous "What century do you live in?" insult. It's not what one expects to see coming from a moderator, but this is a very different, special kind of place.

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