Traveling heavy (D3s) to light (D800)....not the files : )

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Re: Traveling heavy (D3s) to light (D800)....not the files : )

I've gone through various setups to travel 'lighter' (lighter than bringing the whole backpack), while trying to maintain highest IQ.

While I've not gone from D3s to D800, I do now travel with a D800e.   And I always have a grip on there, so it probably isn't any lighter than a D3s.

My upper limit for lenses and cameras is 'whatever fits in my waist bag'.   Gotta draw a limit somewhere, and the waist bag I have is the most comfortable way I know of to carry my gear.  (Waist strap combined with a cross-shoulder strap).   I use a Thinktank Speed Racer.   It will certainly carry more gear than a single camera and two primes, but it really has a problem with the 14-24.

With DX, I crammed 12-24, 24-70, 80-400AF-D and 10.5 fisheye in there with a D300+grip.  (And the Speed Racer is needed for cameras with grips.  Otherwise you can use a Speed Demon or Speed Freak.)

With FX, the problems began with the 14-24.   If I put that in, something else had to come out.  Eventually, when I went from D300 to D700, I decided that 24mm was wide enough, so I left out a wide zoom entirely.   And I went from the 80-400AF-D to my old 80-200F2.8, just because I once again liked the 80-200 range (on FX).

For a big Euro trip last year, I decided I needed more range for flexibility.  So I added a 16-35 (about the size of the 12-24DX) and switched from 80-200 to 80-400g.

I also, at times, carried the Sigma 35F1.4 and Nikon 85F1.8g instead.

I've never really liked traveling with the 70-200 much.  It's quite a long lens, and in the bag I use, that becomes a small issue.  If I mount the camera to it, it sticks up so high it's a problem zipping the bag closed.   If I put it off to the side of the camera in my waist bag, it sticks up where the camera sides are, so I still have the same issue.   I prefer carrying the 80-400g, because they are about the same length for packing and about the same weight.   But I can zoom in on architectural details nicely.   I ended up using the 80-400g far more in Europe than the 16-35.

Seems like if you are going for a prime solution, then the 180F2.8 prime may be a nice fit instead of the 70-200.

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