What is YOUR market like?

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Re: I answer your questions.

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Now answer mine. Your market??

Not sure if you think I don't take pictures or suck or what.

I made no judgement about your work. My point was that I had to debate with you even though I didn't know your work or even who you were. Now that you've come clean, I for one feel very differently.

You ask about my market. It breaks down pretty much like this:

About 70% of my revenue comes from the United States, a country of about 300 million people. I am one of them. I make my home in central New Jersey, dead between New York and Philly.

A modest chunk - mostly book sales - comes from the neighboring market to the North, a nation of about 30 million called Canada.

A similar amount comes from an island nation of about sixty million about a six hour plane ride east from my New Jersey home. It's called Great Britain.

The above consists of a mix of retail books sales and stock photos.

A planet called Earth with a population of about six billion makes up the rest of my stock sales.

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