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Re: PSE7 runs fine on Win7

Scott Eaton wrote:

I have my PSE7 install disk just in case I need to pull up a legacy PSD file on a machine that's doesn't have Adobe and otherwise cant read the file.

PSE7 works fine om Win7, albeit with some annoying and minor profile glitches that don't want to save settings. For working with files it's fine. The lack of RAW support though will eventually drive you nuts. Photoshop elements is worth the investment, and/or the Corel Paintshop suite.

Security on Win7 is just like Windows XP in that stupid surfing habits will trump any AV scanner. Don't surf with admin rights and you don't have much to worry about. Most XP users have to run FireFox or Chrome anyways because XP can't be upgraded beyond IE 8.

Norton Ghost 2003 is only useful if you want to do IP multicasts from a floppy. Win7 backup actually works, and there's freeware versions of programs like Macrium that are light years superior.

The biggest improvement is you got a new machine. As I've been telling the media idiots pushing people to 'upgrade' XP there is no "upgrade" for older hardware. An XP era PC or laptop is typically junk anyways and running on borrowed time. You can always load XP inside of Virtual Box for legacy programs.

I have tested Macrium for both Backup and Restore and it appears to work well for both so I expect that is what I will be using with the Win7 Pro system.

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