LX8 coming soon??

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Re: LX8 coming soon??

...here are my suggestions, which will make this camera unbeatable... 1-Larger sensor, maybe fullframe 2-Viewfinder built in 3-Mechanical F stop instead of electronic... so F stop will not change in any focal length ...these three on LX8, with Leica lens, it would be an awesome camera, probably sold for around 1,5K 2K

My comments on these wishes

  1. yes, a somewhat larger (multi-aspect ratio) sensor, but for me one that is as large as X10's and X20's 2/3" would be large enough for excellent quality; if you need "unbeatable" (your word), go look elsewhere, don't look for that in a small package like a 'compact' camera);
  2. I believe in a small camerabody like that of the LXseries there only is enough room for either a built-in EVF OR a built-in flash unit; if I were given the choice I'd prefer the built-in EVF and have a small separate flash unit to sit in the hot shoe.
  3. A mechanical F-stop ring will not necessarily keep the aperture unchanged at all focal
    lengths [only an expensive, large constant aperture lens can give you that, like Olympus's 2.8/12-40mm]; I don't mind the longer-focuslength-smaller-aperture characteristic that much [as long as it won't get as bad as the RX100, with its overambitious sensor and hence its lens aperture of f/1.8-F4.9] This phenomenon is simply the unavoideable down side of a small-lens-on-a-compactcamera.
  4. Price tag "1500-2000"? do not give Panasonic a.o. any stupid ideas... !!

Where I live the saying goes:
the 'better' is the enemy of the 'good'.

b.t.w. Panasonic already sells a DVDmachine that's called LX8,
     so I doubt if LX7's successor will be named LX8...

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