What is YOUR market like?

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Re: What is YOUR market like?

RhysM wrote:

Don't take this the wrong way but you spend an obscene amount of time starting and responding to threads on dpreview.

Why don't you do something more constructive with your time?

So you can't move your family; but you have options:

  • You could change careers entirely and get some money for all your gear.

Considered that. Going back to school. Still considering the options.

  • You could transition between careers over a period.

See above. Added DJ to my offerings - could go hit up bars for weekly gigs as an option.

  • You could offer commercial on-location photography and travel where ever the work is.

Avoided that with small kids and my wife's job. It is now a possibility.

  • You could supplement your income with stock photography.

That was in the original business plan. While I'm sure it's possible to still make decent money off stock, it seems that market fell apart before the rest of retail photography.

  • You could do product photography via customers shipping products to your studio rather than going to them.

Anything is possible. I have done a few product shots for web use for a lady that does just that for a medical device company. Not sure what the pay is where you are, but a few webshots here don't pay much.

  • You could get into teaching photography/image editing

Dependson your market. My wife has a friend that teaches an accredited course and the pay is $20-25/hour (when you factor in the class time, drive, prep, grading, etc). We just had this discussion at lunch today as my wife is the guest lecturer tonight for her.
A non-accredited course, the only kind I am qualified to teach (as in my state you need a degree above the level you are teaching to) pays $12/hour.

  • You could get into video production.

That's been discussed in another thread. High end video production here pays the same as portraiture...anything buy high end pays a pittance. And it requires an investement in the gear, skill acquisition and a desire to do it.

  • Publish books on photography and all the experience you've got of the industry.

Just what the world needs, another 'how to succeed in the rich field of photography' book.
Iv'e got about as much experience in restaurants and more in motorcycles...pehraps I should write books on those subjects too.

In short anything has got a better chance of success than spending an inordinate number of hours on here spreading negativity.

again with the 'negativity' comment. Where is that coming from? Why are others, much more negative than I , never called on their negativity?

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