NEX 6 lens choice - 18-55, 18-105, 16-70 ... or new system?

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Re: NEX 6 lens choice - 18-55, 18-105, 16-70 ... or new system?

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

What is your max budget, now and in foreseeable futurefor the complete system? If I were looking for a zoom solution today, I would look into 16-70 and 70-200 duo, for a darn good 24-300mm equiv range at constant f/4. You already have the E35 so that also helps. Then pick up another longer prime (an 85 and potentially a 90-100mm macro are expected soon) and that would make for a complete set up.

If you are budget limited, I see no issue with 18-55+55-210 combo, or 16-50 with the 55-210 for $250 or so.

Ah. There's that question. In my original post I mentioned the option of going to another system and cost vs. quality is the reason. I haven't really set a max budget for a system, as I wanted to see where the journey took me.  But I wonder at what point I might be overbuying for my skill level and for the NEX 6 body.

I figure I probably have a little under $1500 in the system currently, if I include only what I consider the main lenses (body with kit lens, 55-210 and 35/1.8 - I have a couple of other lenses, like the 16mm with UWA, but they aren't really relevant to the discussion).  For about another $100, give or take, I could get the 18-55 and I would then have the option of using the 16-50 for size or the 18-55 when really small isn't as necessary, thereby alleviating my power zoom issue.  For the most part I could be set for a while.

If I go the 16-70 and 70-200 route, I am getting better lenses at a significantly higher price point. At that point, absent any later macro lens purchase, etc., I am at about $3700 less maybe a couple hundred dollars or so I might be able to get for lenses I wouldn't need anymore. At that price point I have to start asking myself what the alternatives are and whether the NEX system is going to give me the best combination of quality for the price (many here have obviously determined that for them the answer is yes, but when I purchased the NEX I was only comparing it to other systems with kit lenses, etc., so I don't know if my decision would be the same at closer to $3500- $4000).  I also need to look at my skill level and ask if it is likely that I would see a difference in quality and get the benefit from the higher quality f/4 lenses to make it worth more than twice my current setup.

These are difficult questions and I'm not sure I have answers just yet.  With that in mind, the 18-55 might be the more practical solution in the short term.  Although I'm not certain if it's the best one

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