Help please on converting AVCHD to MP4

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Re: Help please on converting AVCHD to MP4

this isn't so much a question of one format being better than the other, rather, it's a situation where one format that was implemented has twice the bitrate, along with much better framerate options, more framesize options, etc.

however, many people make the mistake of thinking that more bitrate is always better, but that can be seriously wrong... never ever use bitrate only to make a format choice.

that's because the efficiency of the codec and the encoder can save huge amounts of bitrate, while still preserving picture quality... of course that always comes with higher power usage, because it's mathematically much more challenging.

in this case, not only does this implementation of avchd have far more choices, it is also extremely efficient, because it uses one of the highest complexity levels of encoding that's generally available in the avchd format.

best practices for editing always say that you should never re-encode prior to editing, the only time that you should convert to another format is when it's lossless, as in, a simple container switch.

if you can't edit raw avchd out of the camera, you need to fix the issue with your editing software/hardware, not by re-encoding.

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