Help please on converting AVCHD to MP4

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Re: Help please on converting AVCHD to MP4

QuangFoto wrote:

Sammy388 wrote:

QuangFoto wrote:

I wouldn't select MP4 unless you don't care about the quality of the video.

I let this go by earlier, but since I am following up with some comments below, I will say now that your statement there is rather harsh and misleading.

There are many posts about AVCHD vs MP4. Depends on what you do with the video, you might not notice any difference.

That's better and much more accurate.

You've already paid for a camera that has superior format, might as well take advantage of it, unless convenience is more important.

Since there is no choice of buying a current Sony camera without the 'superior format' even if it's not needed or wanted, that part is kind of irrelevant. Convenience, though, is indeed part of the choice.

The film maker in the following video mentions it briefly:

Yeah, I guess that makes sense that MP4 would really limit the quality. So it's still better to start off in AVCHD and the convert afterwards? Thanks for the video

Perhaps, someone with more experience with video could shed some light on this.

I have considerable video experience - but most of it involves pleasing only myself and my audience of family and friends. I'm no pro and I don't produce anything for sale. With that understood, I have been shooting MP4 video rather than AVCHD since the first SLT was introduced over three years ago. I prefer that for a few reasons, the main ones being: it's good enough; it's easy to deal with; and it's very well supported by a wide range of hardware and software.

There certainly are reasons for shooting in AVCHD and converting to other formats later, but it's not something that people should think they have to do. Experimentation and personal decision-making is probably best.

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